Saturday, April 6, 2019

Some thoughts after Saturday night games

I have never seen a team play defense like Texas Tech.  It is like they have more players on the court than their opponents.

Sean Payton should take some lessons from Bruce Pearl. Payton is still whining about a non call in the NFC championship game which, he claims, cost the Saints a trip to the superbowl. Yes, had the call been made they would probably have gone. But after the call was not made, the Saints had a number of opportunities to win and choked with a capital C.  The coach of Auburn, on the other hand, is apparently a different sort of cat.  With 1.5 seconds left his Auburn team was ahead by two points against Virginia. A player from Virginia attempted a three point shot and was fouled. The Virginia player made all three foul shots and Virginia won by one.

Replays showed that the foul was not a bad call, but it was the type of call that sometimes is not made at that time. More significantly, prior to that foul a player from Virginia committed a violation which would have forced Virginia to relinquish the ball. If the violation was called, you could say Kaddish for the Cavaliers. But the officials missed the call.  So, two calls at the very end of the game. Either one would have handed the game to Auburn. After the  loss Pearl was asked about the calls. He said, "Auburn will handle this with class. Give credit to Virginia. We will look at the film and see where we might have done better throughout the game."  Sean Payton, not.

The coach for Texas Tech will be able to write his own ticket when his contract expires.  Whatever happens on Monday he will be a rich man.

I went 1-1 tonight against the spread.  Both my teams won, but Virginia did not cover. Texas Tech was getting two points so of course I won there.

Record after Saturday night. 25-36-1.  Still alive for second place in the brackets.  Texas Tech would have to win against Virginia on Monday for me to take away the second place prize. Could they win?  Well, the way they play defense yes.  Tonight, however, if it wasn't for a guy named Mooney they had nobody else who could put the ball in the basket.  I do think they will win though.

However, Virginia has karma on its side. After its embarrassing exit in the first round in 2018, it could seem that predestination will make them the winners on Monday.  The omega of the humiliating loss to a 16 seed, to the alpha of winning the 2019 tournament.

Still, I am going with Texas Tech. Virginia is now, moments after the end of play on Saturday night, a one point favorite.  I like Texas Tech to win outright and therefore cover. The over under is 120.  Mighty low, but I think the Under is the way to bet on this one.

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