Saturday, April 27, 2019


I had an idea for tonight. The FAU Owls men's baseball team and women's softball team were playing games at the same time. I looked at a map before I came down south and saw that the stadiums were not far from one another.  I figured I would watch some of the men's game, a single game against Old Dominion University. And also watch some of the women's game, a double header, against UNC Charlotte.

Some observations.

  • It was hot.  In both stadia or stadiums.  Not much shade in either. The games started at 4, which I thought might provide some reduction in temperature.  It did not seem that way.
  • I started at the men's game.  It seemed very slow probably because it was so uncomfortably warm. I walked the 3/4 of a mile to the women's game after a little less than one inning.
  • The men's ticket cost 10. The women's 7.  The men's stadium had regular individual seats. The women's had metal bleacher type seating. Right behind homeplate there were backs to the bleacher seats. But in the sections to the right and left no backs to the seats.
  • By the time I arrived at the women's game, UNC was up 5-0. I asked a woman to my left who told me that the pitcher had been wild and then gave up a grand slam. UNC did not score another run all game. The final was 5-2.
  • The women's game was much faster and much more fun to watch than the men's game. I returned to the men's stadium after the women's first game was over.  It was not as enjoyable to watch.
  • Nobody but nobody on either women's team throws "like a girl."  Let me tell you the players on both squads could throw rockets. On one play a UNC player attempted to score from second on a single to left. The left fielder threw a strike home and nailed the runner.  When I was in college we had a women's softball team that would have lost to either UNC or FAU by 30 runs.  Not exaggerating. Maybe 50 runs. These were serious athletes. The third baseman for FAU made one great play after another. I did notice the UNC centerfielder hugging the left fielder after she made an especially nice catch. 
  • Both fields were in similarly good shape.
  • The women's team had little ball girls and several groups of elementary school looking girl fans.
  • There were a few more fans at the women's game than the men's. This was a special day for seniors so that could have accounted for it.
  • The slogan for FAU for both teams is "winning in paradise."  Maybe paradise, but the men lost their game as well. The women did win the second game which I did not see.
  • Lots of kibbitzers at the men's game. One guy was holding court, not obnoxiously, but you could tell he was a regular.
  • In the women's game there is a 5th inning not a 7th inning stretch. I was at the men's game for its 7th inning stretch and the women's 5th inning stretch. The women fans sing take me out to the ball game with more enthusiasm.
  • A host of fans were sitting on top of cars beyond the left field wall in the women's game, beating the 7 buck admissions fee.
  • Beer was sold at both stadiums. I did not see too many folks knocking them back.
  • The defense for the men's game, like the women's game was impressive.
  • FAU men got within one run in the bottom of the 7th, but then all hell broke loose in the top of the 8th. Several pitchers came in to try and stop the bleeding.  Final was 12-6
  • Bottom line, if this tiny sample experience is anything close to typical,  title ix is a tremendous success. The women's game was engaging and exciting, more-so than the men's. The women on both teams were serious players.  They obviously had had an opportunity to play since they were little. If I had an opportunity to choose going to another game when both women and men were playing at the same time, I would definitely go to the women's.

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