Monday, April 22, 2019

rain out

When I was a kid, and we had tickets for a ball game, and the game was rained out, a patron could exchange the rain check for any game on the schedule for which there were seats.

What the Red Sox top brass does when it has a rain out is just wrong.  I do not have tickets in this case, so this does not affect me personally, but that does not affect my sense that this is unfair.

The Sox will be playing a day night double header tomorrow because tonight's game is soaked out. Raining cats and dogs here, since about 2. 

What the Sox require is that the people who had tickets for the 7 pm game tonight, use the same tickets for tomorrow's 1 pm game. So let's say you have a real job that requires you be there from 9-5. And let's say you have real kids that have to go to school say from 9-3.  And let's say you were taking yourself and your two kids to tonight's game.  You are out, easy, 180 bucks.  You cant go tomorrow, your kids can't go.  The Sox do not care, because they have your shekels. Try to sell those tickets on stub hub, my guess is you will take a bath.

Just wrong.

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