Monday, March 27, 2017

settled dust

Another very good-not perfect--day of prognosticating.

I went 1-1 on the money line.  South Carolina did defeat Florida as predicted, but Kentucky lost in the last .3 of a second to UNC.

Against the spread, I went 2-0. South Carolina was a dog so since they won, they covered the spread.  Kentucky lost by 2, but the spread was 2.5 so they covered by a half a point.

For the sweet sixteen weekend, I picked ten out of twelve correctly on the money line which includes four dogs. Against the spread I picked eight out of eleven with one push.  If I had been in Vegas, and had put my money where my wisdom was I would have been the sort of winner who is thrilled in the short run, but eventually comes back to bet on dubious wisdom. This person walks around with a barrel around his naked body at the airport on subsequent trips.

The South Carolina, Florida game was one of the better college basketball games one will ever see. In the second half the defense was so good that neither team could hit a three.  Great game.

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