Sunday, March 26, 2017

Beat goes on--Sort of

So my undefeated streak came to an end last night, but nevertheless it was not a bad evening for prognosticating.

I went 1-1 on the Money Line. And 1-1 against the spread.

 In the first game, Gonzaga did indeed beat Xavier on the money line. But I thought Xavier would cover and they did not.

In the second game, Oregon did indeed beat the spread, but they also won on the money line. If you read my blog from yesterday I thought Oregon was not smart enough to beat Kansas given a really dumb play they made against Michigan.  I'll contend again that the way they played last night once they had the lead was not from the Mensa play book. And Oregon was fortunate that Kansas did not make some big shots that could have reversed the result.  Still, Oregon, had some horses with Jordan Bell playing as good a defensive game as I have seen in years.  In my brackets I have Oregon winning the whole shebang so some good news came from the victory.

One more day. Thus far, for the sweet sixteen weekend I am 9 for 10 against the money line--including three dogs.  Against the spread I am 6 out of 9 with a push including the first Gonzaga loss where they missed covering by half a point.  Of course, I wagered not a dime as I live outside the great state of Nevada, but had I put my money where my predictions were, I would maybe have been able to pay for the hotel room and flight.

Given my success these past days, run from today's wisdom.

I like both dogs on this final day of the sweet sixteen.

Kentucky will defeat UNC, so take them on the money line. Grab the 2.5 to enjoy victory against the spread. I saw UNC play live this year against Miami and they did not impress losing big against a team that got knocked out early in the tourney.  Say what you want about Calipari, the guy has his teams ready to play. Memphis, UMass, now Kentucky, his teams dance for a while in the big dance. Go with Kentucky.

I like South Carolina against Florida on the money line and especially like them with the 3.5 against the spread.  Florida won on Friday because of a last minute shot.  South Carolina plays very good defense and has been impressive. Besides South Carolina is coached by a former assistant coach here at Northeastern.

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