Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sorry that this prediction came true.

In a February blog--2/14--to be exact I wrote what appears on the bottom of this post.

I enjoy watching the UConn women play, but last night I could not stay awake.  I saw parts of the first half, woke up intermittently in the second, fighting for consciousness,  but eventually succumbed.

I stumbled to the computer at about 5 and read that Mississippi State had won in overtime. I watched a clip which was incomprehensible.  Connecticut had an opportunity to take the last shot and took a silly one with 12 seconds to go, giving Mississippi State the chance that they capitalized on.  Can't explain why UConn took that shot.  I have no idea of the context.

Tonight's games are a little tougher to predict.  I think both Gonzaga and UNC will win and cover.  I write this reluctantly, because I will be pulling for Oregon over UNC and had them to win it all in my brackets.  For some reason I think UNC will get it together to win and cover the 4.5.  I think South Carolina has exhausted all their fuel.  It is a wonderful story but I think the Zags will win and cover the 7.

From February 14, 2017:

You read it here first. Connecticut will not win the championship this year.  I don't know if South Carolina will win, but someone will. Last night the opponent was more skilled than UCONN. Very big on the inside. Deeper. Nevertheless Connecticut won. 

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