Saturday, March 25, 2017

Again--Just sayin'

Um, just saying-- once more.

Picked four for four last night on the money line.  That is 8 for 8 in the sweet sixteen.  This is the kind of thing that gets people to look up flight times to Las Vegas.  Eight for Eight--three of which were dogs.

Against the money line last night I was two for three (with one push).  So far in the sweet sixteen, the only major loss against the spread was the Butler game last night.  Gonzaga had to cover  3 1/2 and only won by 3.  I can cut myself some slack for the half a point.

One of the bad things about living on the east coast (in addition to snow on the ground in March) is that it is tough to stay awake for the night games. When the kid from Florida hit the three to beat Wisconsin, I had already been cutting zs for an hour.  I woke up in my chair at 2, checked my ipad, and saw an e-mail which read, "I don't think I have ever seen a game like that."  Quick I look up what transpired and see that Florida won at the buzzer.  And, consequently, the kid who hit the shot made me a winner in all 8 games in the sweet sixteen round on the money line.

Today, take Gonzaga and Kansas on the money line.  But neither will cover.  Take Xavier with the 8 against Gonzaga. Take Oregon plus 7 against Kansas.   I had picked Oregon to win it all, but they made such a bonehead play against Michigan at the end that could easily have cost them the game, so I don't think they are smart enough to beat Kansas on the money line--but do think they will cover. And I am not certain they won't prevail outright.

Now, the smartest bet is not to pay any attention to someone who is 8 for 8, because as the people who count shekels in Las Vegas know, eventually you are going to lose more than you win.  So, you might be wise to bet the opposite of any of my suggestions.

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