Thursday, May 19, 2016

Take the Points and Run

Tonight, May 19th, Toronto is getting 11 1/2 points in its second game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

I am not in Nevada, but if I was, I would put some shekels down on Toronto.  I might even take Toronto on the money line.

Here's why

  • Cleveland has won nine games in a row in the playoffs.  And have done so impressively. They are just due for a stinker. Everyone has an off night now and again.  I think that the successful run may have given the Cavaliers a sense of invincibility even if they are wise enough not to say so.  So, I think they might not come into the game with a strong sense of urgency.
  • Toronto was shellacked in its first game against Cleveland. It was embarrassing. Afterwards they had to endure the pundits talking about the Raptors as not belonging in the same strata with the Cavaliers, Warriors, and Thunder--the other three remaining teams.
    • I don't think the Raptors are as good as the other three, but they will feel as if it is time to shut some experts up.  Not sure they have the horses. They have two very good players but not enough to really battle the cream of the crop on a regular basis. But tonight, after having been fed a basket of garbage about their weaknesses, I think the Raptors over achieve. And the Cavaliers underachieve.
So, I like the Raptors to get within 11 if not win.  They could keep it close and then succumb down the stretch so if I was in Las Vegas I probably would keep some dough in the bank to pay the cable bill, but I don't think Cleveland shows up tonight.  

P.S. I thought that Donald Trump did not have one chance in a million to be the Republican nominee.

P.P.S.  Several hours later: I see that nobody yet has read this blog. This is a good thing as there is now additional evidence that my prowess as a predictor is less than magnificent. The Cavaliers, it turned out, shellacked the Raptors and covered the spread.


  1. Hi Zeke
    You've got plenty of time to redeem yourself. Get back on that horse that thru you. Your pick for the next game? And Golden State and OKC?

  2. Thanks Gene. I like Golden State in 6. And despite Lowry's inexplicable behavior and erratic shooting, I like Toronto to cover tonight, the 21st.

  3. Cleveland played tonight, the 21st, like I thought they would play on the 19th. So, Toronto won. Still am not impressed with Lowry's equanimity. Made some passes tonight that were not too bright and smacked of being nervous. Cleveland wins in 5, 6 at most.