Sunday, May 29, 2016

Stephen A.

Stephen A. Smith is not one of my favorite sportscasters.  Actually, I think he is weak. He speaks pompously and often says things that are not profound as if they are so.  Also, his opinions often clash with mine.

Yesterday Stephen A. opined that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook "flat out choked" in game 6 of the NBA playoffs.

Nonsense.  Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are outstanding players. Each one made plays last night that were incredible while playing forty plus minutes.  The reason the Golden State Warriors prevailed was not because OKC choked, but because Klay Thompson made outrageous shots and, at the end of the game, so did Steph Curry.

Stephen A. could not carry Russell Westbrook's jockstrap.  I am pulling for Golden State in this series but I recognize greatness when I see it.  Take away Westbrook and Durant and Oklahoma City would be nowhere.  Durant and Westbrook are great players who together essentially beat the San Antonio Spurs and have taken the best NBA team in history (73-9 during the regular season) to a 7th game.  Let's put it another way.  In six games, Oklahoma City won 1/3 as many games as all 82 opponents did during the regular season.  And OKC has been competitive because nobody can guard Westbrook and Durant is a 7 foot wonder who can shoot from anywhere, defend anyone, and drive to the hoop.

Stephen A. is way off target with his criticism here.  He has company as others have been similarly critical. I do not know what games they are watching.  You go ask the Golden State Warriors if Durant and Westbrook are chokers.

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