Friday, July 31, 2015

The proselytizer and his shirt.

It was Sunday a week ago.

I was walking down one of the main north south roads in Toronto.  I think it was University,  It was near the time for the closing ceremony for the games and I thought I might go down to the Rogers Centre and mingle with the other tourists.

Never got there.  Decided to stop in a tavern called the Loose Moose and met a fellow who fascinated me when speaking of board game cafes which, according to him, are lucrative enterprises sprouting up all over north america.

But before I got to the Loose Moose I saw a fellow wearing an unusual tee shirt. And it is this fellow and his tee shirt which is the focus of this blog entry.

The fellow had dark hair and a little weight on him, I figure late twenties. He was walking with a crony or two.  The twenty something fellow was wearing a black tee shirt that had white letters.  The letters formed the following sentence,

"On the back of my shirt, two people are fucking."

Well, I had not seen that one before.  And, of course, as I passed by the fellow I turned to look at the back of his shirt.

On it was a picture of the Christian messiah.  Above the picture were the words.  "Just kidding." Below the picture were two words, "Know Jesus."

Okay so let's say you were in the proselytizing business and you felt strongly that others should adopt your faith.  I have two general thoughts.

Is it appropriate to gain attention by suggesting something which, I will assume, is an abomination to those of your ilk who adhere to religion religiously. I am essentially a non believer, but my hunch is that among those on the other side of the line, there is an aversion to promiscuity and capricious engagement.  Also I doubt that even those who are engaged in only monogamous consensual legitimate missionary intimacy, that it is within the boundaries of permissible church doctrine to draw a picture of such activity on the back of a tee shirt that any stranger in a city can see.    I know the proselytizer is in the proselytizing biz, but isn't there something heretical about luring people to your side of the aisle by suggesting something that is considered an abomination in that section of turf?

My second thought is this:  If one is looking for converts, I guess one is not discriminating. That is, one is interested in numbers.  But do you really want people in your fold, who wouldn't mind a good long staring look at two people doing the slow dance. Such gazing would not bother me,  but I figure it would bother others who don't think like I do.  Instead of seeking people who wouldn't mind a long look, wouldn't you prefer to seek out the emotionally bereft?

My suggestion is that this sort of tee shirt activity would be a good subject for a conference among the proselytizers.

For what it's worth, the shirt didn't work for me.   I continued on my way as a non believer, went into the Loose Moose, watched a volleyball game and baseball game on the televisions, and discussed cafe boards while drinking a malt beverage.

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