Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Roger Goodell's behavior as it relates to the Brady appeal is unconscionable. There is no other word for it. I do not understand how the owners can retain him unless Goodell has a smoking gun somewhere, all the owners have been told about the loaded weapon, and for some inexplicable reason all have agreed to wait for the shooting.

NFL training camps open this week. The rookies for the New England Patriots report on Thursday July 23rd, two days from today.  Roger Goodell said today, July 21st, that there is no timeline for rendering his judgment on the appeal of June 23rd, on an alleged offense that took place on January 19th.

 In the best case scenario, a decision has been made and both parties are now negotiating regarding the proposed agreement.  Even if this is the situation--and both the Patriots and the NFL are working behind the scenes--the delay cannot be defended.

However, let's say

  • there is no proposal that is being negotiated and Goodell has the goods on Brady. 
  • How can he justify the delay in announcing the decision and the rationale?

Or let's say

  • there is no proposal and Goodell knows that the penalty must be rescinded. 
  • How can he justify waiting so long to announce the decision and the rationale?

As a Patriot fan, my fear is that Goodell has one helluva smoking gun, and is making Brady wait and twitch.  But even if this is the case, Goodell must go.  He is acting like an arrogant military leader of a tiny south american country after a coup. Those folks are eventually ridden out and forced to live in exile.

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