Sunday, July 12, 2015

look what's happening out in the streets

What happened to the revolution?

When I was graduating from college there was a good deal of talk about the establishment and the system.  "Look what's happening out in the streets. Got a revolution. Got to revolution."

Clever use of revolution as a noun and then a verb.

I read in today's newspaper that the GOP is paying millions in an attempt to find the best ways to attack Hillary Clinton.  The headline reads "The Best Way to Vilify Clinton: GOP Spends Heavily to Find It."  Seems as if the Republicans are conducting focus groups to discover what will be the best type of character assassination that could work to damage Hillary's candidacy.

I figure that the people who designed and are orchestrating this plan are about my age--maybe a little younger.  I wonder if they sang the songs from the Volunteer album.  "We should be together. Come on all you people standing around."  I wonder if they marched to protest the war.

My guess is that they did. It was cool to do that, then.  My guess is that the people who orchestrated the million dollar campaign--not to do anything constructive--but to figure out a way to nail a popular candidate--sounded and looked like everyone else in the early 70s.

But then they figured that revolution--either as a noun or a verb--was too much work and besides they realized that they had it pretty good.  Daddy bought them a car, maybe got them into the family business or knew someone to whom they could bring their resume.  And now they have a shekel or two and are not crazy about a sitting president who is less than concerned with those who have a shekel or two.

And they are not crazy about Hillary. For all the crooning that "the times they are a changing" --which they may have hummed in the early seventies in an attempt to wow and woo some fellow bogus politico into an intimate embrace--those who are conducting focus groups to malign Hillary, were not real happy about a black person in the white house, and the idea of a woman is really over the top.

I am not surprised that a political party is less concerned with using its moneys to improve our schools and more concerned with obtaining power.  But it is jarring to read this article and see that the objective is not getting the Republican message out, but to discredit and malign an opponent. And my best guess is that--across the street--the Democrats are doing something not wholly dissimilar.

Break on through to the other side?  Probably not.

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