Saturday, July 4, 2015

I'll take 8.5

I read on Friday that the Sacramento Kings have signed Rajon Rondo to a one year contract paying him 9.5 million.

For those who read this blog and recall my spewings on the subject of Rondo, it will come as no surprise that I find this decision head shaking stuff.

Rondo is a very talented athlete who plays indifferently as often as not. For all his skill, he was a liability for the Celtics when he played in Boston.  He was traded to Dallas last year and the Mavericks thought he would be the missing piece who could lead the team to a championship.  On the contrary, Rajon Rondo was counterproductive.  He regularly got into battles with his coach and became so obstreperous during the playoffs that management, essentially, kicked him off the team in the middle of a series.

There is a stat called a plus/minus used in basketball and hockey.  It refers to how many points/goals up or down a team is, while a particular player is on the court.  So, for example, if I am playing and my plus/minus is +16 this means that while I was on the floor during a game my team scored 16 more points than the opponent during those intervals.  For the Mavericks, Rondo had one of the highest if not the highest minus scores.  This means while he was playing he was hurting the team regardless of his athleticism.  And besides he could not hit a foul shot with a cannon in his ear.

Yet this corrosive force will be paid 9.5 million (million!) dollars next year to play for the Kings. I wrote this previously when Rondo was traded to the Mavs, so this is not new.  You will have heard it here first: Rondo will hurt the Kings. His plus/minus for the Kings will be negative.

What could the Kings be thinking paying this irresponsible player 9.5 million.  Every player on every professional team should be hired for one reason and one reason only.  The player will help the team win.  Rondo has never helped a team win.

Rondo will help you lose.  If you don't care about winning, why not sign me. While I may be eligible for social security, I am nevertheless a good foul shooter and, if left alone, can hit a jump shot even with an arthritic hip that makes me look like I should be in today's 4th of July parade with a flute.

 I will sign for 8.5 million.

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