Friday, June 12, 2015

Game 4-Say Kaddish

I guess if one regularly predicts that the Warriors will defeat the Cavaliers by 20 points, at some juncture the forecast will prove to be correct.

My streak of inaccurate predictions is over.  Last night the Warriors did indeed wallop the Cavs by 20.  As I have written before, I do not see the Cavaliers being able to prevail since they are in essence a one man team.  Besides I think in the first three games they exhausted their energy and are, in the vernacular, spent.  Dellavedova was out of gas last night, and James has to be running on empty.  In addition, JR Smith-who will never be accused of playing intelligently--usually can shoot but in this series has not been able to drop a bar of soap in the sink.

The series is now a best of three with two out of the three in Oakland.  It is time for the fat lady to warm up.  

Some observations.

  • The decision the Warriors made to essentially let the big Russian center score at will, worked and is likely to work again.  If he scores 30, he has the ball more than James.  
  • Without James the Cavaliers look like a team you might spot at the Y. When he sits at the beginning of the second quarter there does not look like any there, there for the Cavaliers.  
  • It is a testament to James's excellence that the Cavs, who were terrible last year, are now in the finals because of one player.  Without two complementary starters--Irving and Love--the Cavs--who really have nobody else but James--are tied 2-2 in the finals!
  • Iguodala is a stud. He can play for my team anytime.  Just a tough winner.  
  • Golden State's Klay Thompson has yet to have one of his shooting nights.  When that happens the spread might be 30.
  • Both coaches are doing a good job in this series, I do think Blatt might be able to get some meaningful minutes out of Perkins and Marion who have yet to get off the bench.
  • Prediction for Game 5--Golden State will win by 30. I am still rooting for the Cavs, but I cannot see how they can do it, unless JR Smith starts hitting.  And even then he would have to get red hot in two out of the next three games.
  • Prediction for Game 6-Game will be tight until the fourth quarter. Then it will be time to start humming Kaddish for the Cavs.

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