Sunday, June 7, 2015

Game 2--What do I know

Once again my wisdom for predicting basketball outcomes is evidenced. I thought the Cavaliers could not bounce back from the tough defeat in game 1.  To be sure they nearly blew the game, but the Cavs prevailed in game 2 despite some remarkably foolish plays.

Some points

  1. I am not sure I have seen a basketball player make more stupid fouls than JR Smith did tonight.
  2. Why did the Cavaliers resort to one on one basketball in the last five minutes? They were double and triple teaming James, other players had to be open.
  3. How come LeBron James does not get star treatment. He is getting whacked when he drives and there are no calls.
  4. Matthew Dellavedova is a tough player.  He was the second most valuable player for the Cavs tonight.
  5. The coach for the Cavs has to do a better job of substituting.  The bricklaying foul shooter has to be yanked out between the four and two minute mark. And where was the big Russian center at the end. 
  6. Stephen Curry will play a game for the ages in Cleveland. Might have 50.  Dellavedova played him tough tonight, but Curry is special.
  7. The Warriors will win by more than ten in Game 3.
  8. Tonight may be the last game that the Cavaliers win in the series.
  9. Don't forget I picked the Warriors tonight and thought Carter would defeat Reagan. Carter did not wind up carrying his own state of Georgia. 

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