Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Game 3-Again

My skill at handicapping basketball games was displayed again last night as the Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors after I had predicted the Warriors would defeat the Cavaliers.

I remain perplexed by the Cavaliers ability to win despite being, in essence, a one man team.   Almost every play goes through James, and one player--even if he is LeBron James-- should not be able to score regularly if everyone knows the offense is going to go through him on each possession.  If Cleveland prevails in this series James will be rightly dubbed the best ever, by all. Jordan was great, but he had help including--ironically--the current coach of the Golden State Warriors--Steve Kerr.

A little surprised to see how crazy the Cavaliers fans were at the end of the game.  They reacted as if they won the series instead of just a game to put them up 2-1.  If I am a Warrior, I find that wild celebration another source of motivation to play better on Thursday.

My rooting interests in the series are with the Cavaliers because I like James and feel he was wrongly maligned when he decided, a few years ago, to take his skill to Miami.  For whomever he has played, James has been outstanding and unselfish.  The best example is when the US won the Olympics in 2012.  LeBron was the best of the best and yet did not hog the ball or act the part of the prima donna.  But when the games were close, the others--all superstars--relied on James to get the team a victory.

While I am rooting for Cleveland, I again like the Warriors in game 4 even though the game is in Cleveland.  Given my track record thus far, do not bet the farm.  I would reveal my positions in the stock market but I fear that such disclosure might compel readers to sell holdings in the same companies, driving the values down--and I am in the market for a new car.


  1. Hi Zeke
    I'm with you. Rooting for Cleveland but perplexed the
    Cavs are up two games to one. And if James drove down the middle with seconds left in game one and scored or drew a foul it could be three to zero. Its a dandy one man show. I can't think of a classier move then James returning to Cleveland. Must have a masochistic streak. Hope we both can enjoy game four. Take care. Gene

  2. Thanks, Gene. Yes, I agree. The last shot in game one was not wise (though the drive at the end of regulation in game 2 did not result in a hoop or foul either). I think the Warriors win tonight. James is not superman and Dellavedova cannot be as good as he has been playing. Add on, that while JR Smith can get hot, he will not join the Mensa association. Enjoy the game tonight.