Friday, June 5, 2015

Cavaliers-Warriors Game 1

I am not sure how Cleveland can bounce back after this difficult loss. LeBron James was sensational scoring 44 points. Still the Warriors prevailed in overtime.

Even if Kyrie Irving can return Sunday after having been injured in overtime, I don't see how the Cavaliers can play better than they played tonight. Sure JR Smith could not drop a bar of soap in the bathtub, and that will not happen again. But James made shots that looked like optical illusions. He was sensational as was Irving.  Even James can't continue to excel like that.

League MVP Stephen Curry did not have one of his great games. He was terrific but not as special as he can be. When he gets hot the Cavs will be in real trouble. This has to be a very disheartening defeat.  Cleveland fans will have trouble sleeping tonight.

An interesting side note: At one point Mark Jackson, a color commentator for the games AND the former coach of the Warriors, referred to Golden State as "us."  I thought even before the finals that Jackson would have trouble being dispassionate since he had spent so much time with the Warriors.  Cleveland fans could not have been happy when they heard Jackson refer to the Warriors with that pronoun.

Terrific game.  Warriors will win the series in 5 or 6.  The Warriors win on Sunday, lose one out of two in Cleveland and finish it off either in game 5 or game 6.

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