Wednesday, April 9, 2014

new app

I am a member of something called the Zaremba-Sukenik web site that is affiliated with MyHeritage. My father's mother's sister married a man named David Sukenik many years ago.  As could be deduced, My father's mother married a man named Zaremba.   All descendants of the two sisters are on this website.

Occasionally, the website sends us "notifications" which are reminders of upcoming events.  My cousins' anniversaries and birthdays, for example.  Open the "notification" and you will see that a Zaremba or a Sukenik has an event and readers are invited to send a greeting to the person.

I got such a notification the other day. It reminded me that a first cousin had a birthday on the 7th and then was taken aback when I was "reminded" that my mother's birthday was upcoming (today, in fact) and was invited to "send Helen Zaremba a greeting."

Sending Helen Zaremba a greeting will require a new app with a very sophisticated algorithm since my mother has been dead for several months now.  A particularly powerful wifi system would need to be in place.  I read in today's Globe that the city has invested in free outdoor wifi that is so strong that not only will people be able to use it in public places, but local apartment dwellers will be able to use. it. Still don't think my mother would be able to access the net.

The Zaremba-Sukenik website has apparently not been updated, but I am reminded now of a paper I heard delivered at a job talk. It was about how the internet has become a place to somehow keep people alive. The candidate made the case that on facebook and other sites, people continue to send messages to others who are gone and conversation takes place on these sites.  I have looked in the past for a buddy of mine who died a few years ago.  Her facebook page is still active with visitors writing in and wishing her well or commenting on how she is missed.

It is an interesting concept to consider that people who are gone from this earth are still in some way here because of cyberspace.  Don't think we are likely to get much of a response to any of our postings, but it may be cathartic to send a note now and again.

Happy birthday, Mom.  I think you can hear me even if you don't have the new app.  Happy birthday.

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