Saturday, April 5, 2014

I Said Evenin' Ma'am

Not sure you will ever see two better games than the ones tonight.

Connecticut, after a horrible start, played better than the number one seed in the tournament beating Florida.  What is head shaking to me is that Connecticut, in the very first round, was losing the entire game to St. Joe's--the entire game except for the last minute when the center for Connecticut made an acrobatic shot and was fouled. He hit the foul shot and the game went into overtime where Connecticut prevailed.  That is one of the things that makes this tournament so exciting.  Connecticut could have been knocked out on the first Thursday--and would have been if not for a shot that belongs in the top ten of the entire tournament.  And tonight they play better than the best team in the country, a team that had won umpteen consecutive games--before tonight.

The second game was even better. It will go down as one of the best college basketball contests ever. Both teams were just terrific. Wisconsin nearly perfect at the foul line, but missed one at the end which allowed one of the Harrison twins to nail a three pointer at the end--as he has in three consecutive games.  

For the record, I picked both of these games incorrectly. I thought Florida would cover the spread, and Wisconsin would win on the money line.  Wisconsin did, in fact, beat the spread but if I had been in Nevada I would have gone on the money line.

An eight seed against a seven seed on Monday night.  I would be surprised if that contest will be as good as either of the games tonight.

This is why advertisers pay a fortune on sports.

I just heard Charles Barkley say, "I feel for Wisconsin." Anybody who follows sports would.  I am not a fan of all kids who play on teams getting ribbons even if they lose a game. I think you have to have experience with disappointment because you inevitably will face it.  But today, I think Wisconsin deserves ribbons.

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