Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The Connecticut Huskies Women's team won the championship tonight ending their season 40-0. They beat Notre Dame that had been, going into the game, 37-0.  Undefeated.

And UConn defeated undefeated Notre Dame easily. Twenty one points, and it was not even that close.  At the end of the first half Notre Dame made a bit of a run.  In the second half, however, it was like the varsity against an intramural team.

How is it that the UConn women, year after year, are so dominant.  This is the ninth time they played for a championship and the ninth time they won.  Even if Geno gets the best athletes, the other teams have good players too.  Connecticut seemed to be not only quicker and far more skilled, but smarter. The only bad thing about the way they dominate, is that they dominate, and there is little drama in the games.

Congratulations to the athletes and the coaching staff.

And guess what. The best player on the court was Breanna Stewart. She was, in the current vernacular, awesome.  And she is a sophomore.  Next year, the Connecticut women will be back holding up the trophy.

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