Saturday, April 19, 2014


It was a year ago today when the city of Boston and several surrounding suburbs were in what was called "lock down."  We could not leave our homes because the miserable deranged savages who bombed innocent spectators in the name of an irrational political agenda were, allegedly, on the loose. As it turned out one of the killers was dead and the other was wounded lying in a boat in someone's backyard.

But at the time nobody knew for sure what was the case. So we all sat in our houses at the request if not order of the governor waiting for resolution.  In the evening they ended the lock down and shortly thereafter found the remaining killer.

Patriots Day is something to see if you have never been to Boston on that day.  It is a big city party. There is a baseball game at 11 a.m. and the Red Sox fans spill out of Fenway at the game's conclusion to complement the throngs of spectators lining Commonwealth and Boylston streets to cheer on the runners.

The city is hopping, kids are there with balloons, seniors sit on the sidewalk in folding chairs, friends cheer their running buddies along, runners make sure that there are supporters by writing their names on t shirts.  A Karen will write Karen on her shirt, and the crowds yell Go Karen Go when Karen whisks by.

I suspect that the energy in the air will be augmented this Patriots Day on Monday.  It will be more than the runners and the baseball game and the kids with their balloons.

There will be an undercurrent of "Go to Hell you miserable bastards" that will energize the crowd.

You tried to stop this.

Take a look.

We're here.

We're back.

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