Monday, January 6, 2014


My predictions this weekend, not made against the spread, left something to be desired.  Only one out of four, selecting San Francisco over Green Bay.

Kansas City could not hold onto a 28 point lead when so many of their players kept going out with injuries. The Chargers surprised me. I know the Bengals tendencies in the playoffs, but I thought playing at home they would prevail. I did not count on Andy Dalton, the Bengals quarterback, playing like my fraternity quarterback in intramurals.  From hunger.  I fell asleep during the Saints game, so perhaps they prevailed despite my prognostications because I was not awake enough to throw the whammy on them in the last seconds.

So, as the GPS robot says, recalculating for the next round.

I should do better this week.  I did hear a buddy in the locker room tell me that his wife predicts the games better by going on nicknames.  When the Bears play the Eagles, she figures a Bear should be able to take an Eagle and goes with the Bears.  This logic allowed her to beat her knowledgeable husband in a friendly contest of who would do better than the other during the season. I will rely on my wisdom and not such frivolous approaches. After all, I picked 25% of the games right last weekend.

Here we go.

Patriots over the Colts. Andrew Luck was indeed lucky in the comeback win.  He may think he is Zeus now and he will be brought down to the realm of the mortals against the Patriots.

Broncos over the Chargers. I would love the Chargers to win, but I think their incredible good luck these past two weeks will have run its course. They are in the playoffs because a kicker missed a gimme field goal in the regular season finale. They advanced because the Chiefs' main stud went out in the first quarter and the back up went out in the second half. By the time the game ended The Chiefs were calling people out of the stands.  Chargers run out of volts next weekend.

Seattle over the Saints--Time to say Kaddish for the Saints.  They just beat the Eagles.  Russell Wilson will be too much as will the crowd in Seattle.

SF over Carolina. Carolina shot its game during the regular season. They are not ready for prime time. Cam Newton is out of miracles.

Now if you are wise go bet the other way on all of these.

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  1. I agree with you about Brady and your other picks. Andrew Luck lucky? Disagree strongly. Even with three interceptions he managed a comeback. I would never bet against him. But I wouldn't bet against Brady either.