Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Again, as we begin the NFL postseason, the New England Patriots are seeded second and poised for a run to the SuperBowl. I read a stat in yesterday's Globe that was surprising.  The Patriots have had 13 consecutive winning seasons. The team that is closest, the Green Bay Packers, has had 4.

It has been a joy to root for the Patriots these last years. The team plays so intelligently.  Often with far less talent they outscore opponents by outthinking and outworking them.

Some predictions for the playoffs reflecting my affections.

Round 1
KC over Indianapolis
Cincinnati over San Diego

Eagles over Saints
49ers over Packers

Round 2
KC over Denver
Patriots over Cincinnati

49ers over Seahawks
Carolina over Eagles

Round 3
Patriots over KC
Carolina over 49ers

Super Bowl
Patriots over Carolina.

Caveat--My team, The Raccoon Lodge, came in 52nd out of 60 teams in this year's regular season prediction competition.

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