Monday, June 18, 2012

Terry, The Killing, and the Heat

Terry did it.

Last year, in the spring of 2011, we got hooked on the AMC serial called The Killing.  Every Sunday night we scheduled our day so that we could be seated at 9pm to see who had killed Rosie Larsen. In June of 2011, on the night when the last episode of the season was aired, the show had me thinking in the shower about who could be the doer.  The producers slicked us, however, not solving the mystery for a year, and in April 0f 2012 the show began again engaging us by introducing one red herring after another.   Last night, we found out who did it.

Terry did it.  

She did it for the same reason that there is no business like show business, Hallmark exists, Father's and Mother's Day can be joyful or painful, the Russian five year plans failed year after year, and your heart can break when love is unrequited. She did it for the same reason there are season ticket holders in sports, the people of Oklahoma City slept poorly last night, and people in Boston at 9 a.m. call in to sports talk shows worried about when Becket will come off the disabled list.

Terry did it because emotion runs our show. Logic is a dependent variable; what fuels the rationale for alleged logical decisions, is almost always emotion.  We decide to live in one place or another; we choose professions; we buy clothing or cars or plan trips--the driving factor for our decision making is emotion.  That is why Terry did it.  A completely irrational act.  Maybe then Ames will love her.  Maybe then Ames will want to spend time with her.

At the same time we found out that Terry did it, the Heat was overcoming a ten point deficit in the third quarter.  If you have not been watching the finals , take some time out to do so.  LeBron James is making ignoramuses out of people who feel he does not have the backbone to be a champion.  Even on his off day Kevin Durant makes shots that are other worldly. The players are just so remarkably talented. The teams are stacked with skilled players and are essentially evenly talented.

Emotion will determine the victor. The ability to channel emotional energy wisely will determine who wins the series.  Either team is capable. Sure, the strategies and substitutions will be significant.  Miami seemed to employ a very wise game plan last night getting many baskets in the paint.  But both teams are well coached.  What will determine the victory will be how players deal with emotional energy.

Terry did it, because she loved so much, however irrationally.  The Heat won last night because they used the fan support in Miami and were able to channel their emotional energy to play intelligently.  Emotion runs the show.

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