Thursday, June 28, 2012

A helluva decision

It was, in fact, a helluva decision.

My sense is that there may be nearly as much relief in the Romney camp as Obama's.  Romney could not have delighted in the overturning of the same law he implemented as governor.  He already is being painted as a waffler, if the law had been overturned and he saluted the decision, democrats would have been merciless with criticism.

Very happy to have made an incorrect prediction.  Someone on the Republican side of the aisle stepped up. What is good, as I see it, about this decision is not so much that this particular law was upheld, but that supreme court arbiters did not let politics impede their own deliberations. It may seem as if it is a good day for Democrats, but it really is a good day for Republicans who stood up.  And if the health care plan turns out to be as successful as the Obama administration hopes, it will be a good day for the country in a number of ways. The health plan will work and our system of governance will have worked as well.


It is now a few hours since I originally posted this.  Once again, Carnac the Magnificent, I am not. Instead of exhaling with a sense of relief, Candidate Romney has used this ruling to argue more strenuously on the plank that if you want to get rid of Obamacare then you need to get rid of Obama, i.e. elect Romney.  I do not see how he will be able to combat the argument that he passed a similar bill in Massachusetts.

People on both the left and right must know of someone in their families who, without this health care bill, would be destitute and unable to receive treatment.  Will people really pull a lever for a candidate who might take away a health benefit.  Will the millions of baby boomers now in their mid 60s?

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