Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Obama and Youk

Yesterday I wrote about Kevin Youkilis's last at-bat with the Red Sox.  When he left the field for a pinch runner, he received a standing ovation from the Fenway crowd and hugs from his teammates.   He was interviewed subsequently and said that it was the most intense emotional moment he had ever experienced on a ball field. This coming from a player who was on the field when the Red Sox won their last world series championship in 2007.

Last night President Obama was in town. He made two speeches at fund raisers, one steps away from where I work (and about 17,000 dollars a plate more expensive than my dinner fare), and the other not far from where I live.  Somehow I did not receive an invitation to either event. An omission no doubt.

Presidents do not typically get booed at fund raising events.  However, the President was booed in Boston last night by his supporters.  The President as we now know spent years in Chicago as a community organizer before beginning his political career.  During that time he became a fan of the Chicago White Sox.

In his introductory comments last night he thanked several people in the audience for their work with the party and for various actions that politicians often thank others for when they are beginning their talks.  He concluded the round of appreciations by thanking the Boston Red Sox for trading Kevin Youkilis to his beloved White Sox.

At that point very well heeled and polished dignitaries started to boo the president. It was good natured of course. The President stammered and said he knew he shouldn't have talked about baseball in Boston. The crowd changed their boos to the appreciative chant that Red Sox fans used when Kevin Youkilis came to the plate; "YOOOOK"  "YOOOOK"  Interesting sounds from a group paying 17 grand a pop for rubber chicken and pound cake.

Last night there was a rain delay in the Boston Toronto game.  After two hours, the game resumed at 1125 at which time I resumed watching the Sox lose to the Blue Jays 9-6.  I will bet that when many of the Obama supporters returned home and took off their duds, they flipped on the tube to catch the last few innings of the game.  I will also bet that more people in the 17K a pop audience know the nuances of the Red Sox lineup than the Obama health care plan.

Yook went 1 for 4 last night for the White Sox.

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