Thursday, June 21, 2012

McGovern Eagleton

Earlier today I wrote that the Heat would lose to the Thunder. I felt that the Heat would not play as hard as the Thunder.

The Heat just won by 15 points and the game was not even that close.

I did relay, in the earlier blog, that I have not been especially successful predicting the future. I wrote:  "In the summer of  1980 I was flabbergasted when the Republicans nominated Ronald Reagan. 'Who will vote for him?' I asked anyone who was in my orbit. In the summer of 1976 I made what turned out to be a similarly inaccurate prediction of which I was certain."

I neglected to mention that after watching McGovern's acceptance speech in the summer of 1972, I thought we would finally not have Nixon to Kick around anymore.

Neither Obama or Romney have contacted me to work on their campaign teams.

Congratulations to the Heat. They played great. It was not so much James and Wade in the final game, but the incredible play of Miller and Battier. And Spoelstra deserves some love.

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