Saturday, April 4, 2009

Predictions 143

I commented in an earlier post that a fellow named Hurricane called in on a talk show and announced that he was a prognosticator. I had said--and maintain--that betting on college basketball games is like betting on the flip of a coin. He contended that someone with wisdom might be able to predict well. He was not convincing to me. The appeal of las vegas during sporting events is less due to the prospects of a large payday, but more because of the ride of being with like minded cheering individuals during contests.

It was with great embarrassment that I listened to my podcast with Howard Schwartz recorded on the Wednesday before the tournament. The podcast was,for the most part, great and Howard Schwartz and his bookshop is nothing short of a jewel for any sports fan--regardless of your enthusiasm for betting. Howard is not only an extraordinary raconteur who is a joy to listen to and be with, but his store is a gold mine for the sports enthusiast. Nevertheless, I listened to my response to Howard's inquiry about my predictions and rationale for them. I made three predictions because--of course--I knew that you can't predict them all. I explained why I made these predictions. Hurricane will be delighted to read that I was wrong on all three counts.

Despite this--and despite my claim that you can not win betting on college basketball--I continue to be asked by those who know I wrote this book about my predictions. So, with all the preceding as a caveat, for those who may be interested: Bet the over on the Connecticut game. It is at 133. It will come in at 143. I like that number. Also, take North Carolina and give the points against Villanova and run.

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