Sunday, April 5, 2009

Emotion in Detroit

In the post game show last night, Coach Jim Calhoun of Connecticut commented that the team they played was not the same Michigan State team he observed when reviewing tapes prior to the contest. I have not studied or even seen those tapes, but it was obvious last night that Michigan State was playing with an intensity and energy that is rarely seen. I have not seen such intensity since John Wooden's last game as coach when a fellow named Andre McCarter zoomed around the court as if he was motorized in an attempt to ensure that Wooden would leave the game a champion (and he did).Coach Tom Izzo in his post game conference said that maybe what his team did last night might provide some joy to a region that has been ravaged during these economic times.

Emotion is such a large part of sports and life. It often trumps logic and can be a stimulus for exceeding what would appear to be logical capabilities. On paper Michigan State should lose to Connecticut. The game was played in Detroit however, not far from the Michigan State campus. Emotion does not always have such positive effects as it can trump logic in a way that can be unhealthy, but in sports emotion coupled with preparation can produce a Michigan State team that plays inspirationally and explains why there is factor in sports called, "home court advantage".

Hurricane would have been proud of me last night. I picked the over on the 133 Ct game, and that North Carolina would beat the spread. Both were winners. Unlike Hurricane, however, I know these successes were aberrations.

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