Friday, April 17, 2009

fan culture

When Bill Rasmussen, the pioneer for ESPN, first had the idea of a 24 hour sports network, he thought the idea was brilliant. He knew there were many zealots like himself who could not get enough watching and listening about games. Rasmussen presented his idea to executives and they all ridiculed the notion. Now ESPN is a staple of television viewing with ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN-News, ESPN360, as well as similar networks dedicated to all sports all the time.

Tomorrow, Saturday April 16th there will be four consecutive NBA playoff games broadcast. The same full slate with four different games will be televised on Sunday. The NHL playoffs is in full swing and baseball games are omnipresent on tv and radio as well.

As a kid my brother and I eagerly waited for the five minutes of radio sports news that came on at 445 and 545 on WOR in New York. 645-7 was a bonanza with 15 minutes of sports news.

The extent of appetite for broadcast news and play by play for games has been and will continue to be nearly insatiable.

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