Tuesday, January 22, 2019


If I were a Saints fan, I would be upset too.  However, if they take a step back in a few weeks, I think those who are foolishly reacting will feel foolish.

For those not clear of the particulars (and for myself when I read over old blogs years from now) here is what occurred. Toward the end of regulation in the NFC championship game, the Saints threw a pass, and interference should have been called. Had it been called, the Saints almost undoubtedly would have won the game.  If you watch a recording there is absolutely no doubt that the penalty should have been called. None. The receiver was interfered with. The Saints went on to lose the game that they would have won.

Because of this, Saints fans are filing law suits against the league; the Times-Picayune's headline yesterday was "Reffing Unbelievable." The owner of the Saints issued a public statement criticizing the officials and the league itself.

A number of things to consider.  The first: the call did not cost the Saints the game.  The Saints actually went ahead after the non call, but relinquished the lead subsequently when they allowed the game to be tied during regulation.  Then in overtime the Saints won the toss, got the ball, and threw an interception.  The Rams then won. And another thing. Before the interception, the Saints got a mascara (make-up) call when a receiver who was hardly bumped got an interference call.  So the Saints were sitting pretty with the mascara call, but gave it up.

Yes, they would have won had the penalty been called, but no, the penalty did not cost them the game.

Every game has bad calls. In the Patriots game later in the day, the Chiefs got away with the mother of all pick plays that resulted in a score. Belichick, the Patriots coach was furious.  But the Patriots still had a chance to win. And they did.  I have not scrutinized the film but I will bet the Saints got away with some calls in their contest as well.

Take a few weeks off Saints fans. You'll feel like goofballs later if you keep complaining.

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