Sunday, January 20, 2019

Funny. Ha.

If you were watching you would have laughed. I did not.

It is icy out there today. Only four inches of snow, but after that came sleet. It is still sleeting. It took me every bit of an hour to shovel us out at 830 this morning. I do not mind shoveling, but I was beat at 930.

At noon I went out again to finish up. It had gotten worse. The sleet had made the snow tougher to move and the ice on our cars was difficult to scrape off.  I started both of our cars and labored shoveling snow.

I got done. I moved Donna's car to the street and parked it on the hill facing down.  I put on the emergency brake. I got into my car.  I could not shut the door.  Finally doing something I shut the door.  I pulled my car out. The goal was to put Donna's car first into the driveway. I try to get out of my car. I cannot. I am locked on the inside.  I have to climb over the console. It must have looked funny.  Not funny. I can open the passenger side. Unfortunately I have parked near a snowbank so while I can get the car open, I can't open it wide enough to climb out.

Now I have to climb back over the console. I am uttering words that we did not employ when I was studying Rhetoric while pursuing my graduate degree.  I get back to the driver side and do a u turn. Now my car is right behind Donna's. I have pulled to a spot where I know there is no snow bank.  Again I climb over the console, but it is tough. I have a couple of old man hips, I fell last March and the arm still has not healed, I have a hernia that the doctor said is no big deal but every once in a while stares back at me saying, "Anytime you're ready bub."  As I climb over the console I hear the console crack. Just great.  Looks hysterical. Laurel and Hardy funny. Not funny.

The weather man had said that by this time it would be just raining. It is sleeting.  Some feedback for the weathermen. Go back to school.

Finally I kick my legs over the crushed console, but in so doing I knock the car into drive.  I feel as if I am moving, because I am. In one second I will barge into Donna's car, parked on the downhill and we'll see if Honda makes a good emergency brake. Fortunately, somehow my left leg dangles fast enough to slam onto the brake.

I hope the Patriots fare better this afternoon.

Patriots 27-Chiefs 23.

Saints 34-Rams 20.

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