Saturday, January 12, 2019

Luck Not

How is it possible that the Colts could have not been prepared for this playoff game. They did not lay an egg. They laid an omelette--one of the fancy ones you pay 13.95 for at a diner. 

On the first series, they drop an easy catch that would have been a first down. They do not get a single first down until there was less than two minutes to go in the half. Their kicker misses both a short field goal and an extra point.  Nearly all of the receivers could not have caught a cold. Their defense thought the game started at 6, not 430.

The good news for Patriot fans is that the Chiefs will not be so blessed next week. I am assuming the Patriots will win tomorrow, but whoever plays the Chiefs will not stink up the joint--and the Chiefs will not be the beneficiary of missed holding calls, and a phantom running into the kicker.

The Colts really need to go back to the barn.  Stinkeroo.

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