Saturday, June 10, 2017

Well, I got that wrong.

Three huge errors tonight in my forecasting.

(1) Cleveland won despite the fact that typically a team that wins three straight in basketball series, wins the fourth to sweep.

(2) I thought the Under was the way to go. The O/U was 227.5.  That was obliterated by 24 points.

(3) I thought that Kyrie Irving could not continue to play like superman.  I will not think this again because once again Kyrie Irving was absolutely incredible. Incredible means not believable. He made shots that are not believable.

Now, Richard Jefferson was playing football out there guarding Durant and there was a whole hell of a lot of contact which probably will not be permitted in game 5. Nevertheless Cleveland whipped a flat Golden State. Curry came out half asleep and nobody but Shawn Livingston looked like they were ready.

On to Monday.

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