Thursday, June 8, 2017

Great game

I arrived home in the middle of the first quarter tonight. Then I was riveted for two hours straight.

This was a terrific basketball game.  The big three of the Cavaliers were outstanding particularly Irving who had a season's worth of highlights in one game. And LeBron James was sensational as he typically is.  While Love did not shoot that well, he was a monster off the boards and again made me out to be a liar as I never was high on Love's talents.

At the end Kyrie Irving could not continue to make shots that were optical illusions and LeBron ran out of gas.  It is understandable that he would. He played nearly the whole game and was stunning even by his standards.  James is just a person though--not Clark Kent.

The Warriors on the other hand kept hanging around.  Draymond Green did not have one of his better games and neither did some of the other Warriors.  But Iguodala stepped up defensively as did Klay Thompson.  And then Durant stuck the key three at the end.

Just great basketball.

Nobody can deny that LeBron James is the best ever or that Kyrie Irving made shots that truly were remarkable.  But the Warriors are the Warriors.

If you listened to me and were in Las Vegas, you won against the spread as the Warriors gave up three and won by five, so you got to count your shekels at the end. However, I liked the Under which was at 226 when I made my prediction. I see it creeped up to 228 over the last two days. Still the final was 231.  So I was a loser on the Under but a winner on the spread.

I am exhausted not from the toil of the day but from watching.  This is why we love sports. I did not have a horse in this game.  I like players from both teams.  I was pulling for Golden State because I love their motion offense, but I also love LeBron and have come to admire Irving.  Very exciting.

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