Saturday, April 9, 2016

Yiskadayl v Yiskaddish

The fans of the Boston Bruins are saying Kaddish throughout New England.

After defeating the Detroit Red Wings in an exciting game on Thursday, the Bruins were ready today to do what was necessary in order to earn a playoff berth in the NHL Stanley Cup tournament that begins this upcoming week.  When the dust cleared on Thursday night, the Bruins had several ways to make it into the playoffs. They would get in if

  • The Bruins beat the lowly Ottawa Senators this afternoon and the Detroit Red Wings lost to the New York Rangers.
    • The Red Wings did their part and lost to the Rangers. However the Bruins choked on a ten foot zucchini losing to the Ottawa Senators 6-1 at the Boston Garden.
The Bruins had another route to the playoffs even if they lost. They would get in if the Philadelphia Flyers lost its two remaining games. The Flyers ended that hope early by winning this afternoon. Their game tomorrow does not even matter now.

So the Bruins who looked like a shoo-in for the playoffs just a few weeks ago are done. It is over. No more iffs. The Flyers are in. The Red Wings are in. The Bruins are cleaning out their lockers.

I really like the coach of the Bruins. He seems like a stand up guy. I love how he handles press conferences speaking in English when the questioner asks in English, and responds in French when the question is presented in French.  He doesn't make excuses.  But the poor man will be out of a job before the playoffs begin.  Instead of blaming the players who underperformed, management will banish the coach.

I have written here before that hockey is my least favorite of the four professional sports, but the game is growing on me.  The officials have instituted rules that limit the likelihood of fighting which I often found to be a blemish on the game.  The action is intense for sixty minutes and the athletes are so stunningly skilled.  And watch out for the women's game which is getting better annually.

The Bruins just came out flat today. Some will blame the first string goalie who became ill before the contest and could not play.  It made a bit of a difference but they would have lost anyway.  The Bruins just did not have it.  It's too bad for true fans of the Bruins of which there are many in these parts.  I pull for the New York Rangers in hockey when I do watch, so I still have a dog in the race since the Rangers made it into the tournament. But I feel for the loyal Bruin fans chanting kaddish this afternoon.  The sports talk radio hosts were really kvetching as i drove into town this afternoon after the game.  Every caller sounded like they had lost a love.  For those folks, they had.

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