Sunday, April 10, 2016

post game

That was one of the best regular season games ever.

Stephen Curry made shots that were optical illusions.  What a fantastic battle.

If you watched it you likely saw it on the NBA channel. I thought the Golden State commentators were excellent.

The Warriors have now tied the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls with 72 wins. On Wednesday they can defeat the Memphis Grizzlies and have the best record of all time.

It is so that the championship is what matters. But, gee, this achievement of 72 and possibly 73 wins in an 82 game season is fantastic.

And the way they won tonight. Playing two games in two nights. Flying from Tennessee to Texas last night arriving in San Antonio at 230 in the morning, and then Curry making shots that were, as my grandfather would have said, ridickalus.

San Antonio played an excellent game, but the Warriors, on the road, were warriors.  The contest on Wednesday will be in Oakland.  You think the joint will be jumping?  Good lord.

How would you like to be a scalper with a couple of tickets to Wednesday's game?

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