Sunday, April 3, 2016

Opening Day

April 3rd, Opening Day in baseball season.  The day before the championship game in Men's basketball. Three days after I returned from Florida and we had to open the windows in our house in Boston because it had become very warm.

I look out the window.

It is snowing.  Not flurries. Real winter looking snow that I will have to shovel.

Yeah, there's probably no such thing as Climate Change. The Democrats are just scaredy cats.

Some random thoughts this snowy Sunday:

I saw Villanova play in its first game of the tournament. They played the University of North Carolina at Asheville.  Villanova was as unimpressive then as they were impressive last night in taking apart Oklahoma.  Sportscasters talk about the eyeball test.  I eyeballed Villanova at that game in Brooklyn.  I thought they would not get out of the second round.  So, either something is wrong with my eyeballs or Asheville is a powerhouse (it was close until the last minutes of the first half) or Villanova was not trying against Asheville.  Villanova looked very strong last night.

North Carolina (Chapel Hill) played tough against Syracuse and prevailed.  They were not that impressive though. They do have a lot of big guys and Villanova essentially has one big guy.  Many of North Carolina's shots were from in close last night.

North Carolina is a two point favorite and I think they will cover.  UNC Chapel Hill would beat UNC Asheville by 50 points.  Villanova only beat Asheville by 30.

I will bet that one third of the outdoor opening day games today and tomorrow in major league baseball will be postponed because of weather. The Red Sox are scheduled to play its opener in Cleveland on Monday April 4th.  Sure.

Okay. I have to go get the snow shovels from the shed where I put them away I thought for good on March 24th before I left for Florida.  It was probably wise of me to come back to Boston a couple of days ago.

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