Wednesday, March 9, 2016


In an old Sergeant Bilko episode, Bilko--always the conniver--is trying to lose a bet.  He is trying to lose because he always wins, and by losing he hopes he will be able to get a sucker to, yet again, bet with him sometime down the road.  I cannot recall the specifics of the episode, but I do remember that Ridzik--always a foil of Bilko's--is approached by the grifter. Bilko wants Ridzik to win so he suggests a bet.  He wants to bet Ridzik that his name isn't Ridzik.

Ridzik who has always been beaten decides to think it over. Seems like a sure bet, but it was a bet with Bilko. He goes home to his wife and says that Bilko wants to bet him that his name isn't Ridzik.

His wife's opinion:  "If Bilko says your name isn't Ridzik, your name isn't Ridzik."

I read earlier today that Brock Osweiler, the Denver back-up who played in seven games for the Broncos while Manning healed, has--instead of re-signing with Denver--signed with the Houston Texans.  I thought of Ridzik.

The Texans are hapless.  No matter what they do or how fast they start, somehow they mess up.  If the Texans think that Osweiler is a steal, he can't be.  If the Broncos say they don't want Osweiler, there is probably a reason why they were willing to let him go.

I was never sold on Osweiler even when he was winning games this season.  The Broncos had a resourceful defense that won games for them (including the superbowl and the AFC championship game).

The Texans find a way to lose.  The Broncos find a way to win.  If the Broncos say Osweiler is not the real deal, he's probably not.


  1. Hi Zeke Hope your new hip is kind to you. I have had two hips replaced with no problems. This week, while playing horse with a 12 year old at the Y , I overdid it and now am limping around on my recently replace knee. Better safe than sorry. I am one of the few who remember Bilko and Ridzik, bu not that episode. in you Osweiler post you kept referring to Houston as the Oilers (who changed their name to the Titans when moved to Tennessee. Were you being sarcastic meaning any team in Houston will be tainted by the Oiler legacy? I agree that Osweiler is unproven and not worth a small fortune . Maybe Elway has a clone of himself growing in a basement somewhere and is awaiting the first brain transplant. Looking forward to you tournament picks. Take care, Gene

  2. Good catch. No sarcasm, just poor proofreading and I read it over several times. I'll change to Texans now.