Saturday, March 19, 2016

Just Saying

If you look at my blog of a couple of days ago, in which I picked upsets, you will see--just saying --that I got them all.

I suggested UNCW, a ten point dog, would cover the spread and they did.  Then I picked Gonzaga, Syracuse, Connecticut, and Wichita State to win in upsets.  Er, um, just saying--check the scoreboard.

What I did not predict were all the other upsets.  Middle Tennessee State over MSU? How many people took a bath on that one? Hawaii over California? Go figure.  Stephen F. Austin over Cincinnati.  Yale?  Yale? Goodness-- how many dogs won these past two days.

I was in Brooklyn for the day doubleheader yesterday. So much fun. The first game was a slaughter with Villanova unimpressively shellacking UNC Asheville.  I don't know how you can win by thirty and still look lame, but Villanova did.  The second game of the doubleheader was a real thriller with Iowa beating Temple in overtime. Very exciting.

The most stunning games though came after midnight yesterday. My brother and I were fighting off sleep in his family room as we watched the end of Northern Iowa/Texas and then Cincinnati/St. Joes. Within minutes two crazy things occurred.  Texas tied up the game against Northern Iowa, only to have a player for Northern Iowa launch a shot from half court that went in at the buzzer. With Iowa winning at the last second in overtime earlier in the day, and Northern Iowa winning on a chuck from another time zone, and Iowa State prevailing on Thursday, you have to wonder if there is something in the corn.

In the Cincinnati game, St. Joes went ahead by two with seconds left only to fall asleep on defense. Cincinnati came up the court and passed it to an open player who went in for a dunk. The player will relive that dunk the rest of his life as he held onto the ball for one tenth of one second too long. The basket came after time expired and St. Joe's won.

I had trouble falling asleep after that.  I'm back in Boston now and am ready for the 1210 tip off with Wichita State playing Miami.  These are two well coached teams.  I think Miami prevails but I would not bet any dough on it.  Then Duke against Yale.  Take the Duke game, give away the points, and run--this game will not be close and you will have money for dinner. Kentucky will beat Indiana, Virginia demolish Butler, Gonzaga upset Utah in a nail biter, Connecticut find a way to stay alive against Kansas, and UNC squeak by Providence.

Just because I won the first few days, don't bet on the basis of my wisdom (except for Duke).  I did not think Trump would still be a candidate for president several months ago.

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