Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hosannah plus

Several unrelated thoughts this day after Christmas.


 I heard this afternoon that Aaron Rodgers will be starting for the Packers this Sunday in the winner- take-all game Green Bay has with the Bears.

Aaron Rodgers has not played in over two months.  However, the way the story is being presented it is as if the messiah will be arriving to quarterback the Packers in this do or die game.  Below a couple of soberly written points:

Neither the Bears nor the Packers are going anywhere in the playoffs. They are the two best teams in a division comprised of four stinkers. So the winner of this game on Sunday may "do" as opposed to "die" but they will expire the next week when they will be beaten like a drum by San Francisco or New Orleans.

Second, Aaron Rodgers is likely to be a wee bit rusty on Sunday. The man has not played in two months. Think of your job. Think of taking two months off and coming back to work. Whether you are an accountant, short story writer, history teacher, or gardener, you will be a lot out of shape. Rodgers will be rusty as well and, of course, as opposed to the accountant, teacher, writer, and gardener-Rodgers will have eleven 300 pound men charging at him in an attempt to knock his block off.

Hold the hosannahs please. Rodgers can not save the team.  In 1971, Joe Namath sat out almost the entire season after injuring himself in preseason, but entered a lopsided fourth quarter game toward the end of the year and threw several touchdown passes nearly pulling out a victory. During the ensuing week the Jets faithful were spewing hosannahs. Here comes Joe the messiah. That next Sunday against the Cowboys, the Jets were losing 28-0 in the first quarter before anyone had finished a beer.

Don't bet the farm on Green Bay this week.

I was flipping through the channels this evening and came across an episode of Bonanza.  It is stunning how bad the acting and how predictable the story line. An old friend of Ben came to the Ponderosa with his son. The friend was on his way to San Francisco to take care of a business deal. The son is a snot. The father leaves for San Francisco, leaves the kid, and will be back in two months. Ben turns the kid around by kicking his ass and making him work. At the end of the hour, go figure, the kid is a poster child for one swell well behaved boy--practically perfect. Two months under the thumb of the Cartwrights and anything is possible.

Bonanza was the number one show for many years on Sunday nights.  Now we have matured. I caught a few minutes of Two Broke Girls the other day as I was on the elliptical. A real laugh a minute. No joke was funny and every joke made me wonder how this program is on the air. On the particular episode I saw, the waitress said penis several times, and referred to her "rack".  Each of these references brought the house down (the artificial laugh track house).


There is quite a bit of talk now about who should be the coach of the year in the NFL. There should be no such chatter. The Patriots last year had four receivers who were each terrific. Wes Welker--now with the Broncos, Rob Gronkowski, now in a cast, Danny Woodhead now in San Diego, and Aaron Hernandez now in jail. The Patriots lost all four of their receivers.  On defense they lost their best interior lineman, their best linebacker, and another very good lineman.

The Patriots are 11-4, have won their division, and are doing well because of the brilliance of Bill Belichick. The Patriots should have lost 8 games this year. Maybe they won't win another, but Belichick should be coach of the year.


I woke this morning and could not help but notice that my cat was sleeping on my face.  Imagine the field day the writers of Two Broke Girls would have describing that scene.

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