Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snow time

In about an hour I will be going out to get my exercise for the day.  I am not going to my health club because, no doubt, it is closed.  At about 3 pm it started snowing here and is still coming down now 5 plus hours later.  If I have any shot of getting a car out of the driveway tomorrow, I better start shovelling shortly.

For someone who lived in Albany and Buffalo and Binghamton and Angola (NY) and Fredonia (NY) I have had my bouts with driveways and shovelling.  Actually had some battles with snow as a teen when our Long Island home got whacked with snow travelling up the eastern shore.  My father was a firm believer of getting the snow while it was coming down, a principle I claimed to be false.  So, now as an adult I typically wait until the snow stops before I get out there.  This time, though, I don't want to be shoveling at midnight.

Took an hour to get home tonight.  This is mostly because drivers in the Northeast have never lived in Albany or Buffalo and drive like chickens when it snows.  Also the volume is greater here so there are more chances for scaredy cats to be out there or knuckleheads who feel compelled to tweet while skidding--both phenomena slowing down other motorists.

I'll soon be eligible for social security but I still don't mind the shovelling that much.  Burn up a lot of calories, make room for a doughnut or two, and purge the tension that accrues during the course of the day.  But this is the second storm in three days.  Shoveled quite a bit on Sunday morning.  Usually sometime in March I get tired of snow and winter.  Perhaps it is an indication of how long I am becoming in the tooth, that the March sensation is creeping into my consciousness in mid December.

P.S. I just heard a forecast on the radio that I'd never heard before.  The forecast is for snow AND frozen FOG. I can let anyone interested in knowing what frozen fog means by about 10 pm. eastern.

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