Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Where the Time Goes.

In my office I listen to a station called Got Radio--Folk Lore as background when I write or am otherwise occupied taking care of business that allows for that sort of interference.  Problem is that every so often a song comes on that takes me away.  An example just occurred when Judy Collins's voice penetrated my essence with her rendition of "Who Knows Where the Time Goes."

Six pm Eastern time now.  I know how the time went today.  Spent the morning riding in traffic on the mass pike, sitting in a meeting with two refreshingly brilliant colleagues from 930-10, another from 10-12 with colleagues discussing issues that were alternatively frustrating and energizing, another from 12-2 which had as a virtue that lunch was provided.  Since then I have been addressing the various issues that surfaced at these meetings that require my wisdom--such as it might be.

Then I hear Who Knows Where the Time Goes.

Visited my dad a few days ago.  I am now a few years younger than my dad was when he moved into his senior development.  I am now mistaken occasionally as a newcomer to the community there--as opposed to a kid visiting a parent.  However, my aging or my dad's pals' aging is not what I think of when Who Knows Where the Time Goes careens through my system.  I think about the opportunities in this wonderful life and how we seize them and, occasionally-sadly-, let them go by.

Today I was informed that G'mar tov is what one in my tribe should say to another at the end of this week of reflection. The week ends on Saturday night. For those who observe,  the week (days of awe it is called) is a time of assessment and commitment to become a better person.

Three score and three going on four and I'd never heard the expression, G'mar tov.  It literally translates as "A Good Finish";  figuratively meaning that one should end this period of reflection comfortably and ready to become the person we pledge to be when we consider how we desire to live with our fellow others.

When we have let the time go, it is difficult to have a good finish.  And that is why for many of us the lyrics to Who Knows Where the Time Goes are so penetrating.

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