Saturday, September 21, 2013

the man and the legend

On Thursday I was on the Orange line, one of the four main subway lines in Boston. There are the blue, red, green, and orange.  The Orange line, painted as you might suspect in orange, has a stop right near where I work.  So I am on the Orange line headed for Downtown Crossing.

I sit across from a gentleman who, aside from his tee-shirt, is relatively normal. Dark hair, a beard, some conventional spectacles, and regularly looking duds--except for his shirt.

There are two arrows on his shirt. One is at chest level and is pointed up toward the neck. The other is around belly button level, this one pointed down toward his crotch.  Underneath the one that is at chest level are the words "the man".  Adjacent to the arrow pointed toward his crotch are the two words, "the legend."

My question is this:  What possessed this person to wear this shirt. Did he lose a bet?  Did his love tell him that he better wear the shirt, or else, the legend might as well be retired?

My guess is that he did not lose a bet nor was he threatened. I am thinking this person is missing something and not necessarily between the ears.  I think this person has as the shrinks are wont to say "a lacuna in cerebellum".  A lacuna is a gap.  Roughly translated this shrink-ese means someone has a hole in his head.  But the hole in this case is not actually in the head, but in the part of the head that steers the heart.

If you are a legend south of the border would you really wear a shirt like this?

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