Monday, September 16, 2013


As usual, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Cleveland Browns are from hunger. Also the Tampa Bay Buccaneers find interesting ways to lose.

And there is a free agent quarterback available who has always won.

Tim Tebow was on the Patriots during the pre season. He was cut the last weekend. I saw quite a bit of him since the Patriots preseason games are broadcast here.  It is true that he did not look so good. He seemed like a novice and at times clueless. He threw bad passes and looked lost when the defense rushed him.  I can understand why more experienced football people look at his style and say that this guy can't be a professional quarterback.

There is just one point to make however.

This guy has been a winner everywhere he has been. When he played for the Florida Gators they won with greater regularity than politicians lie.  Then he was drafted by the Broncos and everyone said he could not play. The Broncos were horrible, so they gave Tebow a shot.  Every game seemed to be a copy of the previous one. Tebow looked like he did not belong stinking up the joint for three quarters.  But in the fourth quarter somehow the Broncos won.  When Denver played Pittsburgh in a playoff game the pundits thought the score would be lopsided.  Somehow the Broncos made it to overtime and then won the game on the first play of the extra period.

The Jaguars and Browns each figure that their quarterback is more skilled than Tebow and maybe each is.  But your teams always lose.  The object, as Herm Edwards reminded us, is to win the games. If you are losing games and looking pathetic while doing so, why not try someone who has always won games even if he looks like he shouldn't.  Penn State years ago had a quarterback named Chuck Burkhart who never got to play in the pros. In high school and college this guy had never, ever, lost a game. Never. Did not look all that special. But all he did was win. The pros did not think he had the stuff and he did not play professionally.

As anyone who has lived within earshot of me knows, I was not a fan of Drew Bledsoe. But this guy had the stuff. He could throw footballs like I throw darts. And he could throw long darts between two receivers. Remarkably strong arm. The thing is that the guy lost games he should have won.  Chuck Burkhart and Tim Tebow may not be able to throw a pass better than I can, but they win games.  

If the Jaguars or Browns sign and start Tebow the worst thing that can happen is that they will do what they are already doing, lose.  Why not try someone who might, somehow, help you win.  Even if you can't understand why.

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