Monday, April 1, 2013

the last three-the final four--and one

The first weekend of March Madness features 48 basketball games that result in the 64 teams being reduced to 16, the sweet sixteen.  Divide the 48 games played during the first week by 4, and you have 12--the number of games that were played this past weekend during which the sweet 16 (divided by 4) is reduced to the final four.

Now take the twelve games played last weekend and divide that by 4, and you are left with the last three games of the college basketball season.  Divide the final four by 4 and you are left with one, the one winner of the tournament.

So the last three games, played among the final four, will yield one--4/4=1.

One might think that if arithmetic is not your strong suit, maybe you should not be wagering on college basketball games.  My point is that even if arithmetic is your strong suit, you are foolish to think wagering on college basketball games is lucrative. (Unless you own the casino).  I know more than the average bear about college basketball and went 5-7, for the twelve games in the sweet sixteen.  I would win 2 out of 3 this coming weekend.  The first two are on Saturday.  Take Louisville against Wichita State giving up the points unless the spread is greater than 12.  Take Syracuse against Michigan regardless of spread.

The horrific injury in the Louisville game was sobering.  I was out taking a walk when it happened. When I returned I could only see the trainers huddling around the injured player.  I searched youtube and google for an image and finally found one.  Saw him shoot and fall, but then could see not see the player's leg.  Did not need to.  What I saw was the reaction of the bench, turning away in anguish as if the sight was too much to witness.  I saw Pitino tear up in a way that seemed very genuine.

Best wishes to the young man and his family.

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