Wednesday, April 10, 2013


While waiting for my flight out to this conference I spotted a fellow with whom I work at the University.  He was going out to the same city but for a different conference.  He saw me and came over to where I sat.

"Belichick's on the plane." he said.

"Belichick's on the plane?"

Belichick's on the plane.

Two women came up to my colleague.  Apparently, the three of them had met in the restaurant near the gate.

One of the women said.  "You weren't kidding. He is right there."

"I told you" said my colleague. "He was right behind me on the security line."

The plane we were on was full, and who knows who was on the flight.  High powered physicians, millionaires, authors,  professors of all stripes, ---all "nobodies" in terms of celebrity.  When my colleague mentioned that Belichick was on the flight I stood up and scanned the area. I saw him sitting with his companion away from the crowd.  I also noticed a police presence by the gate accompanied by someone who appeared to be doing some sort of security work.

When we boarded he went on first.  He smiled warmly to all those looking at him.  I thought it must be difficult to be known wherever he goes.  And to have absolutely no anonymity at least in New England.   When I got on the plane he and his girlfriend were in the front row and, so help me, he was reading one of the magazines you can buy at a newstand, a magazine that I always thought was just for fans--PRO FOOTBALL.

I forgot about him during the flight.  It was an easy but long ride and I was beat when we landed.  Now, it was after 2 a.m. my time with a guaranteed extra hour to get my bag and go to the hotel.  I followed the signs to the baggage claim and was reminded of the celebrity on the flight.  I thought that there was no way he was going to be by the baggage claim.  But he was there, waiting with the rest of us, for suitcases.  Again there was a security presence around him and while he did not seem to be offputting there was nobody within a ten foot radius except his companion.  When the bags finally arrived, the security folks picked up the bags and they walked towards whatever ground transportation that had been arranged.

I've got to think that gets old after a spell.  Can this guy buy a doughnut without having to  bring an agent with him to keep the fandom away?   More than most of the players, this guy's mug is familiar to nearly everyone who watches football games.  There are the perks after all. He has some shekels and I bet he did not have to wait on the line I waited on to get a cab.  But still, my guess is that he would like to be left alone every once in a while to read his Pro Football magazine.

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