Thursday, July 5, 2012


Where do the missing socks go?

I have a drawer where I keep about 9 socks whose partners have disappeared.  In another drawer I have about five more. These are socks that have lost their partners very recently and I'm hopeful the other will turn up maybe in a second hamper or in a t shirt where its clung when it came out of the drier.  In short time they may join the orphans in the other drawer.

I know that others have experienced the same thing and I find this sock to be a sometimes funny and sometimes frustrating phenomenon.  I

A number of years ago I had had it, and went out and bought enough underwear for a platoon.  About the same time someone around here had just about had it listening to me complain about how my socks were disappearing and the next thing I knew there were enough socks to shut me up.

They are gone again. I have to go out tomorrow and buy more of both.

Let's think about this. Where do our socks go?  Is this some deity's way of relaying a message about the importance of unions, or the inevitability of unions disintegrating.  Is this some way of reminding us that it is essential we not let go of those we love?

Where does our underwear go? Socks, okay, maybe when you grab the laundry from the drier you inadvertently leave one between the washer and drier.  Maybe sometime in the gym, you pack up, and toss your dress socks in the bag, and drive home sockless, not realizing that you haven't thrown both socks inthe bag.  But underwear.  How come after buying several three packs in a I-will-never- have-to-buy-underwear-again mood, today I was down to only a few pair.

In a drawer I keep for who knows what reason, I have single socks that are waiting somehow for their partners to show up.  There are probably 1000 people in Boston who are waiting for the love of their lives to return and stop their silly dallying with a mismatched good for nothing stocking.

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