Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rondo and Ray Allen

Yesterday Boston fans were sad to read that Ray Allen had signed with the Miami Heat.  Sad because Ray Allen was a class act and a consummate professional.  Sad also because the Miami Heat with another three point shooter will be dangerous.  If you recall the final game against the Thunder when Shane Battier and Mike Miller were hitting uncontested threes, you can just imagine the problems for defending teams when they focus on Wade/James leaving a sharpshooter like Ray Allen alone to score.

I read that one of the reasons that Allen decided to leave for Miami was because he did not like playing with Rajon Rondo.  Perhaps I should leave for Miami as well.  Rajon Rondo for all his potential is a player who will wow you with his capabilities and preclude championships because of his deficiencies. Strictly from Chelm 50% of the time, despite being by the accounts of his coach, a very bright man.  When coaches talk about how players "do all the little things" that help you win, Ray Allen is one of those players.  Rondo is not.

The Celtics would be wise to deal Rondo for a talented rebounder and replacement point guard.  Even those who contend that Rondo has terrific skills--and he does--and helps you win games, you do not help your team if you alienate a class act and great player like Ray Allen.  Basketball is, truly, a team sport. The whole can be either greater or less than the sum of its parts.  A talented point guard who discourages a shooter, renders the combination of the guard and shooter unequal to the cumulative values of the players.  And in this case the behavior of the guard was a factor in actually subtracting that shooter from the picture.

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