Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ray Allen Press Conference

The reaction Celtic fans have had to the departure of Ray Allen reminds me of a sweetheart's response after a lover has taken up with a rival.

The Miami Heat, Allen's new team, officially introduced the player at a press conference yesterday. I saw much of the interview portion while on the elliptical.  It seemed to me that Allen was diplomatic when asked about his relationship with Celtic management, fans, the New England region and former teammates--even Rajon Rondo a player with whom it is said Allen had conflicts.  Flanked by his new coach and the general manager, Allen adroitly walked the line between praising and not disrespecting his former team/fans, and sounding eager to be with the new team.

The reaction in New England has been amusing to me.  Why did he leave?  We offered him more.  He is not loyal.  Does he really want to play with THEM?

When a lover leaves for another, this is how the jilted person often reacts. What could she possibly see in HIM.  After all I have done, she takes off with that, that, that, bum.

Every word uttered by the former sweetheart is scrutinized and seen through the distorted lens of the person who is heartbroken.

Ray Allen left the Celtics because he thought the new situation was better for him.  He took a lot less money to play for the Heat and that can burn the spurned team.  Sitcom characters describe to a forlorn ex lover why the partner headed off, "He's just not that into you" they say.  Well, Ray Allen was no longer that into the Celtics.  

And instead of blaming Ray Allen for his decision, Celtic management, might want to consider what it was that made the Celtics less attractive. I'll suggest it could have been coddling a churlish Rajon Rondo and marginalizing a mature Ray Allen.

Regardless the episode and reaction in New England indicates the devotion and attachment sport fans often have to their teams and the players on them.

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